Service organization of the Czech
Python programming language user group

We support

Networking of experts and their contact with the international community

Education of programming based on open materials

More women in tech and generally inclusive culture among programmers

Our impact

210+ meetups 190+ contributors 4 conferences 150+ participants 6 locations 2000+ participants 20+ courses 20+ workshops 2000+ followers



Pyvec doesn't give orders. Pyvec helps to those who want to achieve something — it's a service organization. Starting a meetup in your town? Course in your school? Workshop? Screencast? Let's come up with a way to make it happen! E-mail us at

Long-term supporters


Thanks to us, there are more programmers on the Czech market. Financial support of Pyvec is your investment to eductation, healthier job market, and to grow of the Python community. Use our transparent bank account, Benevity, or e-mail us at

Cooperating with

Who is Pyvec


Pyvec is a nonprofit founded in spring 2012. The current state of things is that the chair is responsible for bureaurocracy and the board, which basically consists of all current active members, decides about important matters. Soon we would like to change the bylaws to better reflect the current organization of the community and to have the leaders of supported projects as members.